January 2019 Devlog

December '18 - January '19

The new year has arrived and a new chapter unfolds in the  development of Blackout. Over the last month, here's what occurred:

  • The world  map has been reworked this time around and built from scratch to work a proper scale into the world so that the player does not traverse unrealistically long or short hallways and rooms.
  • Some gameplay mechanics have been implemented into the code, rough  around the edges, but its there.
  • The AI code has been tested and expanded a bit more to have a more diverse branching path set.

Plans  for January '19

Over the course of this month, we intend to complete tasks such as the following:

  • Make more progress on the playable world map complete with some rooms and some temporary props to populate the  environment.
  • Develop a  full, temporary rig for the monster with  some rough animations.
  • Construct the First Person arms for the player.
  • First look at the HUD for the player.
  • Model some modular props for the environment.
  • *Test out  some lighting solutions in the environment*

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